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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Takeover?

Launched in 2019, the Daily Takeover (DTO Affiliates) opportunity was created by our CEO and Founder Stephen Thomas who had the goal of helping entrepreneurs achieve success in any business. Best described as a training and income opportunity, Daily Takeover is simply a training platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed in online business. This is done by allowing entrepreneurs to give away attractive incentives to their leads and signups in any business they advertise to dramatically boost leads and sales. This program also provides 1,429+ traffic sources to advertise with, unlimited business leads you can call or text about your business and hours of marketing training that teaches you have to advertise any business like an expert.

Is this a scam or a get rich scheme?

Absolutely not! A get rich quick scheme (or scam) usually promises to make a person extremely wealthy over a short period of time, often at the expense of little effort. We make no guarantees. Your ability to learn and put into practice what you learn will determine how far you go in this opportunity. The Daily Takeover opportunity works. However, it does require your consistency, willingness and effort.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. This is a direct sales program. You’ll make $100 every time you refer someone who joins our training platform. A new person can earn hundreds daily and make more than someone who has been a member for years. This is because your income is based on your own efforts and work ethics. Not the effort of other affiliates.  Also, any business where money changes hands without the benefit of a  product or service is deemed a pyramid scheme. Our members receive hours of marketing training, unlimited business leads to call or text, 1,429+ traffic sources to advertise their business with, access to our support group and the amazing incentives to give away for their businesses as an extra added bonus for joining our platform. There are not multiple levels you can climb in this opportunity.

Is this a Ponzi scheme?

No. Ponzi Schemes are illegal and are associated with investment programs in which earlier investors are paid from the funds of new investors. Money is typically pooled together and promises high investment payouts. Typically the company collapses and the newest investors never receive a return of any kind. The Daily Takeover opportunity is not that type of program.

Is this a matrix program?

No. Matrix programs, also known as money doublers, cyclers, and randomizers have a commission system based on a specified percentage of the member’s deposit or from recruiting a specific amount of down line members before they ever earn a commission. Usually you won't receive a payout until a matrix is filled or a line cycles. The Daily Takeover opportunity is not a matrix system.

How can this program help my business?

Daily Takeover (DTO Affiliates) provides you with the ability to give away amazing incentives to your leads and signups to dramatically increase sales in any business you promote. These incentives include 7 inch wifi tablets, touch screen mp4 players, premium quality earbuds, smart watches, bluetooth speakers, $1000 in grocery savings, $1000 in restaurant savings, free prescription discount cards, vacation getaways to over 60,000 locations, flight discounts, hotel savings, movie ticket discounts, theme park discounts, cruise discounts, concert discounts, sporting events discounts, car rental discounts, discounts on shopping deals and so much more. Give these incentives away for any business you promote. This is a proven way to increase sales in your business. You also receive access to 1,429+ traffic sources to advertise your business without using paid advertising. In addition, you receive unlimited business leads for life that you can call or text about your business and dynamic marketing training that shows you how to advertise your business like an expert to help you get massive results. These are only a handful of amazing advantages you receive with this program.

Are there any monthly fees to be a member?

No. To be a member of this program, there is no monthly fee. The cost to get started is $100 one-time.

Can this program benefit me even if I don't already have a business?

Yes! This program allows you to earn $100 commissions per referral. This program pays 100% commissions daily by PayPal, Stripe, Cash app and more. Your affiliate website is included in the one time fee. This program also provides you with dynamic marketing training that teaches you how to advertise like an expert, unlimited business leads for life that you can call or text, 1,429+ niche targeted traffic sources to advertise your business and access to our 24/7 live support group for continuous support. 

Can any country join this program?

All countries are welcome in this program to earn or benefit from the marketing training inside. However, in order to receive the incentives to enjoy yourself, you must be a U.S. or Canada resident and a U.S. resident ONLY to enjoy the electronics and medical benefits.

Are the incentives 100% free to enjoy?

No. All of the vacation getaways are subject to room taxes and resort fees. However, they are discounted at rates not available to the general public. The electronics require you to pay shipping only if you want to order it for yourself to enjoy. However, if you simply want to give away these incentives in an unlimited supply to attract leads and sales for your business, you will not have to pay any fees to do that. The only one's who will pay shipping in this situation are the people you give the incentives to. You are not obligated to order the incentives for yourself. You can simply give the incentives away to attract leads and sales in your business. For more information about the prices, terms and conditions of all the incentives CLICK HERE

Is there a limit to how many incentives I can give away?

No. There is no limit to how my incentives you can give away. For example, if you have 1000 leads, you can give away the incentives to all 1000 leads.